Sunday, November 29, 2009

Climate Change

Do you agree with what others say, that the world is changing? I guess you do. The world is really changing, in many ways. Try to look back on how the people dress themselves 40 years ago. You can easily spot the difference. Their hair, their life style, their music...etc. Well, the things just mentioned changed because people did it; in other words, they intend to change it. However, there is a change that is apparent at present, that is beyond our control. Did you notice the climate? It has changed too in many countries. In the philippines, you can hardly predict the time where you can enjoy a real hot summer season, because most often, it is warm in the morning but cold and rainy in the afternoon.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Boxing King - Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao is a household name, not just in the Philippines, but in many parts of the world. He came from a humble beginning; However, talent respects no race and status in life. Manny is a rare and unique person. His talent, coupled with a lot of trainings, lifted him from an ordinary to an extraordinary athlete that he is today. Reigning as the king in seven boxing divisions is not an easy task. Well, many of us have potential talents and skills that are sleeping, let us wake them up and let them live. Each one of us is good in a certain thing, don't let that talent die. Feed it and let it dance for others to admire.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Can you vote this 2010 presidetial election?

If you are a filipino, residing in the Philippines, most likely you are going to vote this coming Presidential election in 2010. However, there are those who have not voted in the previous election or elections and are not sure if they can still vote. To make that verification easier. Click here, type your name and birthday, then you can see your status if you are active and can still vote. Try it, share it with friends too.

Different faces of Philippine's Jeepney

A Jeepney is one of the most used vehicle for passengers in the Philippines. Almost every province has a passenger's jeepney running on its road. I experience riding on that public transportation a lot of times. However, there are times when doing so exasperates me, because the driver allows the people to crowd, not just the inside of it, but the top of the vehicle as well. Anyway, people do things differently in various countries, that is how others are doing with their jeepney in the Philippines.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Dealing with difficult customers

If you are in business or in the said selling activity, no matter how hard you try to please your customers, there will be times that a seemingly conflicting situation will arise. You can't really avoid it one hundred percent. Nevertheless, there are ways to appease the clients feelings. First, if you are wrong, admit it humbly, and apologize. Second, dont take it personally. Meaning, always remember that his or her dissatisfaction is not on you, but on the service or product you are selling. Third, if the customer is wrong, don't correct him straightway as to embarrass him. You must give room to save his or her face. Also, the correction must be indirect; for instance, you might say "Yes sir or yes maam, I understand, I might be wrong with my opinion, but it is like this...etc". Fourth, make the event a learning experience. Try to think what aspect of it you failed, and how did you make it right. In the future, you are in a better position to handle similar complaints. The last but not the least, try to study the art of negotiation. Observe other businessmen, and if you can, learn by listening to others who are successful.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Dream Again

...The picture you are viewing is a house not enjoyed by an average income earner. Many of us dreamed of staying in a house, so beautiful, and comfortable as the one in the photo. However, as the days passed by, and as we earned more years in this earth, our excitement to dream have most often waned.
...Is it possible to dream again? inspite of the bleak situation we are in? Yes, and that is the right thing to do. Sometimes, I don't want to dream, because of my past experiences. But the past is past, we can't rewind the time. Let's forget the past instead, geared our strength to the future. Let's dream again. Look at the house, that kind of house will be yours, if your dream will come true. Dream again. Yes, dream again.