Sunday, January 3, 2010

2 Marketing Benefits of Having a Blog

Let’s go directly to the meat I am offering. The first among the four marketing benefits of having a blog is – Drive traffic to your business or website. If you have a business to promote, a blog is the best place to explain to would be buyers. It is free to use and you can have all the space you need to express yourself. Second, you can hear potential client’s opinion through comments posted in the blog. In a blog, a reader can post a comment or a question, this is a good way to enteract with them. There are many other Marketing benefits you can get with the said blogging, but the two we discussed can help us in marketing our products.

3 Reasons Why Bloggers Don’t Succeed

We have seen and read a lot of blogs, and sometimes we wonder why others succeed and others don’t.Well, I found three reasons on why bloggers fail. First, many bloggers wait for perfection. When Godmade the first man, he never expected him to be perfect. We can never prepare or research enough to start a venture. Let us not trouble ourselves too much with the nitty gritty technicalities. Go to the computer and start a blog. Second, many bloggers expect too much immediately. We must put in mind thatin blogging results are not quick. Like for instance, the traffic. Readers are not there automatically to read, you have to build them through promotion. A blogger must be prepared to set a longer time frame for their blogs to take off. Third, many bloggers start too many blogs. Blog marketing takes up a big chunk of our time. Another thing, like business, there are blogs that might fail. So be prepared of the outcome. Lastly, don’t be discourage, learn more about blogging and don’t stop. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.

Suggestions For Your Blog Post

Now a days, blogging is so common. The internet has changed the way information circulates. Before, people are only dependent on newspapers for ideas, but now, by just clicking the modern "mouse" facts will appear immediately on our very eyes. Here's are the suggestions when posting an article on your blog. First, keep it short and simple. Your readers are busy, and have a lot of things to do. They don't have all the time in the world to sit in their computer. They want to get the information as fast as they can. Second, and this will be the last is, do not bombard or post many ads. This will shoo your visitors away. You cannot earn their trust by sounding more of a salesman than a site that produced valuable information in it. By becoming more of a giver ( information wise ) I have the feeling you'll win their business in no time.

My Writing Life

This is a new year. I decided to change the way my writing life breath. Before, I could hardly write an article in a week, it is because I waited on the good feelings I want to have when writing. Now, I will write as much as I can, if it is possible to write everyday, then that is what I am going to do. A paragraph a day or an article a day can help me improve my writing, and at the same time, can give a fresh article on my blogs as well. I want to quote a phrase I read recently, I believe this can help any aspiring writer out there, it goes "Nora Roberts, the remarkable and not uncomplicated writer who generates book after book, said in -The New Yorker - this summer, when asked for writing advice: Put your ass in the chair." Meaning, don't say, I will write this year after I get a new job, If I had the place, If I had the time. If we wait on the circumstance to appear in our favor, you can't learn how to write well; to become an expert in writing, we have to practice doing it. About my writing this new year, all I can say is, I have to do it often, and it doesn't matter if the circumstance is good or not. Happy new year!