Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Free To Believe

You and I have a belief of some sort. It means we believe something beyond the physical aspect of things, we have that part of ourselves that clings to the spiritual realm. Religion has been with us for a thousand years, and because of its variations, a debate will occur every now and then. Well, we can avoid the latter ( debate ), tell a person who has the argumentative mood to be calm, and that you want to study spiritual things in your own way. Meaning, self-study. Tell him that incase you want his idea or opinion, you will inform him. If you want to learn what a Baptist believe or what an adventist believe or what a catholic believe - ask them, take note, read their books...that way, you will avoid any argument and learn much as well. Remember, you are free to believe what you feel the truth is. Others based their belief in a book called the book of Mormons, others based it on another. For me, I chose the Bible to be my basis of belief, and I have reasons for that too.

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