Friday, July 2, 2010

Word of Honor

I had a bad experience, this particular incident was real. I sold an item long time ago. I wanted to part with the said item, not because I don't want it, but because I really need money. The buyer agreed to pay the item with a good price. However, after giving me half of the price, the buyer told me that he is experiencing a financial crisis, and as a result he could no longer pay the installments with the amount agreed upon. I have no other choice but to accept his presentation. The truth is, he made it to take advantage of my kindness. Word of honor now a days has reduced its influence. If you are reading this article, guard yourself by not yielding easily to good offers. Specially, if the said offer is guaranteed only by the said word of honor. A verse from the Bible says " Be wise as a serpent and harmless like a dove".

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