Monday, November 29, 2010

The Generous Filipinos

Filipinos are known for its survival skill. They can adjust to almost any obstacle that life may place in front of them. Most of them are kind and generous; in fact, It is easy for them to hand thirty to fifty pesos to a person in dire need. Sad to say, that liberality in giving could not last long in few cases. A typical Filipino is a champion in helping others ; even if he only have enough for himself or a little extra, sparing a small amount to those in need is no problem at all. That is the original Filipino mentality, and many are still embracing it up to now. However, for a few who have the opportunity of leaving the Philippines, and are fortunate enough in creating a good life abroad, a new mentality sets in. They have developed an attitude of thriftiness. They are getting a lot more in a foreign country, but their generosity diminished. It is now hard for them, even just a dollar, to share to the needy. Majority of the Filipinos are still the generous, but a few have changed drastically.

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